How To Enhance Your Business With SEO

Nothing would be more frustrating than creating meaningful, quality content, only for it to never be seen by its intended audience. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is designed to allow individuals, brands, and businesses to maximize views and engagement surrounding their content. This article will highlight a few key things to keep in mind while enhancing your own SEO!

How To Write SEO Based Content (The Simple Version)

For starters, it is crucial to write content that appeals to the interests or your target market or answer their questions. This may require some research in order to ensure that you are successfully meeting those needs with the content. The next few steps can follow this general framework: 

  • Keep original content under your own domain name. 
  • Write clear and concise headlines and meta descriptions. 
  • Avoid excessive keyword use. 
  • Break up your content into smaller paragraphs for easier navigation. 

Best Practices: Keywords

Keywords are designed to provide relevancy to content viewers by giving an accurate representation of what you are posting. Deciding what keywords to include can be done through any of the following processes:

Title Creation- A title catches the attention of readers, but it also introduces your main point. Consider the introductory paragraph of your article and create a title from there.

Word Clusters or Word Counts- Word clusters count the words within your content and give you a clear idea of the most prominent words. (Examples of Word Cluster Tools: Tag Crowd, Tagxedo, Jason Davies Word Cloud Generator)

Natural Language- Search engines have the ability to recognize keywords regardless of how they are written within content. Make sure that the keywords you want to use go with the flow of the content!

Google Search Engines- Search common phrases surrounding your content, look for clues on search engine page results like bold text, and use the “People Also Asked” and “People Also Searched” sections to see additional keywords for your topic.

How To Write SEO Based Content (Advanced Tactics)

Once you become comfortable formatting your content with simpler strategies and keywords, take your SEO to the next level with a few additional tips! 

  • Check the viewer bounce rate and time spent on your website after content engagement. 
  • Link other articles and/ or your website within your current content to increase interactions with other posts. 
  • Use Google Authorship to enhance viewer search results for your content. 

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