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At Williams Accounting & Consulting, our Atlanta sales tax accounting professionals are skilled, detail-focused advocates for businesses and organizations in Georgia. We know that sales tax compliance has become a complex and confusing burden for business owners—let us take the pressure off you and your team. We specialize in accounting and tax preparation. For a completely confidential consultation with an experienced sales tax consultant, please call us at (404) 948-3903 or send us a message directly online.

Sales Taxes: Understanding the Basics

As explained by the Georgia Department of Revenue, sales taxes are consumption-based taxes imposed by the government on the sale of many goods and services. Somewhat similar, a use tax is a consumption based tax on products that are purchased outside of the jurisdiction, but that will be used with the consumer’s place of residence.

Under current law (2020), the state sales tax in Georgia is four percent. Though, the full burden of a sales tax can be higher than that. Many county and city governments have instituted their own sales and use taxes. To make matters even more complicated, sales taxes do not necessarily apply evenly across all products and services—there are some exceptions and exemptions in place.

All business owners in the Atlanta metro area should know that a sales tax is a form of pass-through taxation. In other words, while the sales tax is technically paid by the consumer, these taxes must be recorded, collected, reported, and paid by the businesses. Companies are required to collect sales taxes at the point of a transaction. Failure to do so could lead to a business facing sanctions from a state or local tax authority.

An Overview of Our Sales Tax Accounting Services

With experience across a wide range of accounting, tax planning, and business consulting matters, we are qualified to assist clients with the full range of sales tax issues. Whether you are the owner of a start-up company who is trying to get a handle on state and local sales tax issues or your company has already run into problems with tax authorities, we are ready to help. Among other things, our sales tax accounting services include:

    Sales Tax Compliance: Do not let the ever changing sales tax regulations stress you out. The Atlanta, GA sales tax professionals at Williams Accounting & Consulting can help with the full range of tax compliance matters. We have experience advising businesses with the preparation of sales tax returns, payment of state and local sales taxes, rate set up and updates, and exemption certificates.

    Sales Tax Consulting: Careful tax preparation can make all of the difference. If you have any questions about sales tax obligations or if you have run into a problem with a tax agency, you need an experienced accountant on your side. Our Atlanta sales tax consultants provide personalized, client-focused guidance to businesses.

    Sales Tax Audit Defense: Tax audits are intimidating—sales tax audits are no different. That being said, it does not mean you did anything wrong. Most companies will eventually face a sales tax audit as a course of business. Our Atlanta sales tax accounting services include help with audits, including pre-audit preparation and review of your financial records, crafting of a sales tax audit defense, and advice for recovery of sales tax overpayment.

Why Choose the Sales Tax Accounting Team at Williams Accounting & Consulting

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Sales and use taxes are complicated. Williams Accounting & Consulting is here to take the burden off you and your co-workers—so that you can focus on the more important task of running your business. When you reach out to our Atlanta sales tax accountants, you will get an opportunity to speak to a professional who is experienced, focused, and responsive to your needs.

We are proud to offer comprehensive accounting and consulting services to businesses and organizations in Georgia, including bookkeeping, payroll work, accounting services, tax preparation, and tax resolution. Our accounting team will put in the time, effort, and resources to get to know your company—ensuring that we can provide the best possible services.

Contact Our Georgia Sales Tax Accountant for Immediate Assistance

At Williams Accounting & Consulting, we are committed to providing reliable, solutions-focused sales tax accounting services. If you have questions about sales tax planning, compliance, or defense, we can help. To set up a strictly confidential, no commitment initial consultation, please contact us at (404) 948-3903. We represent businesses and organizations throughout Georgia, including in Fulton County, Fayette County, Clayton County, Douglas County, DeKalb County, and Coweta County.

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