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Improve Your Practice Efficiency With the Help Of Our Expert Accountants

Hospitals, clinics, and outpatient centers are more than places people go when they are unwell. They are business entities with employees, tax obligations, financial records, vendors, and payrolls. Are you looking for someone to keep your finances updated and improve your practice’s efficiency up to 20%? The answer is Williams Accounting & Consulting.

Why Do You Need Specialized Medical Accountant?

Medical practices are part of a vast industry that faces unique accounting challenges like vendor payments and complex payrolls. Despite the important work done, there is constant pressure to maintain proper records, pay contractors, acquire equipment, meet monthly payments, and file taxes. This is where having professional accountant for medical practices can be beneficial.

Putting a dedicated accounting agency in charge of finances helps a medical practice avoid costly mistakes related to financial management. The alternative is to have a department within the practice dedicated to overseeing accounting duties. Sadly, this move is counterproductive considering the low margin budgets for which the medical industry is known.

By hiring an accounting agency to handle your accounting, you can be assured of a streamlined cash flow, proper tax compliance, improved efficiency, and increased profitability for your practice.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Hiring the right Medical Accounting professional allows you to save money and time while effectively tracking your financial performance. Williams Accounting & Consulting has served over 1,000 companies in Atlanta and New Orleans and we have the expertise to nurture your financial health as you focus on your patients. As part of our service package, we:

1. Prevent Costly Mistakes

Accounting errors and omissions can result in very costly repercussions and revisions. By hiring an experienced accountant, you can rest easy knowing that all your business accounts are not only timely but accurate. Our experts will even work with your tax agent to advise you on areas of improvement.

2. Reduce Your Management Costs

Professional accountants take the reins of your entire financial operation. We are conversant with accounting principles, tax laws, and compliance requirements so we never steer you wrong. With us handling your financial records, you can direct your time and effort toward your patients.

3. Effectively Manage Your Payroll

Your staff plays an integral role in your practice’s operations. Using our effective payroll systems, we can manage allowances, timesheets, and overtime to ensure all your employees are paid on time, increasing their satisfaction and your company’s retention rates. We will also manage contractor and vendor payments so acquisitions are always running smoothly.

 4. Streamline Your Budgeting

Accurate financial records allow you to clearly gauge your practice’s financial position and progress. Through this information, you can set, adjust and readjust your budget, revenue, or expenses to ensure continued financial growth. The overall result is increased productivity.

medical CFO services

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The medical practice accountants at Williams Accounting & Consulting understand the unique challenges that medical accountant presents. We are dedicated to helping practices like yours maintain a streamlined and efficient financial record, in turn, boosting your productivity. To learn more about our services, book a consultation online or contact us at 770-964-4100 to talk to an expert.


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"Just got my numbers back from Mr. Donald Williams and I must say I’m one happy camper! They deliver year after year."

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