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Financial Statement(s) including monthly profit and loss statements

Monthly Accounting Tasks

Record and review of all transactions

Reconcile payments and receipts to bank/credit card statements

Record and reconcile payroll entries

Process payroll tax payments and payroll reports on monthly/quarterly /annual basis

Payroll for up to 50 employees

Payroll for up to 5 employees

Payroll for up to 15 employees

Quarterly audio and/or video conference call with your Accountant quarterly

Monthly financial reviews

Accountant will review financial statements and provide financial clarity to you and your team

Accountant will advise on ways to maximize revenue and minimize expenses based on past and current financial performance

Includes FREE Tax Prep (1120S,1065,1120, and Schedule C)

Tracking of monthly expenses from $100K - 200K per month

Tracking of monthly expenses up to $25K per month

Tracking of monthly expenses from $25k - $100K per month

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