Tax Preparation Season

As defined by Investopedia, tax season generally runs from January through mid April each year. It is during this time that individuals, businesses, and organizations must prepare and file their state and federal tax returns. At Williams Accounting & Consulting, we provide reliable, detailed-driven tax preparation services to individual professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profit organizations throughout tax season. To book your confidential initial appointment with a tax preparation specialist, contact us today. 

Tax Preparation Season has Arrived: Know Your Deadlines 

Opening of Tax Seasons

As announced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) earlier this year, the tax season for 2022 officially started on January 24th. At the time the federal tax agency officially began accepting and processing tax returns for individuals. Though, businesses could have started the process earlier. As of January 31st, 2022, all employers should have submitted W-2 forms to their employees. Around this time, other tax documents—from mortgage interest to health expenses to information about certain commercial transactions—are also typically distributed. Individuals and businesses should carefully gather and organize all relevant tax records and financial information. 

Filing of Tax Returns

For practical purposes, your tax season as an individual or business “ends” when you file your return. Partnerships, S-Corporations, and multi-member LLCs have the earliest tax deadline. They are supposed to file their federal tax return by March 15th. All other parties, including individuals and corporations, are generally required to file by April 15th—although the deadline for 2022 has been extended to April 18th due to a holiday. Parties can file an automatic six-month extension for additional time to file—but an extension does not give more time to pay, and all taxes must be paid prior to the applicable deadline to avoid penalties. 

We Provide a Full Range of Tax Preparation Services 

Proper tax preparation is a must. Ultimately, no one wants to run into any problems with the IRS or a state or local tax agency. Likewise, no one wants to end up stuck paying more than they actually owe because they made a mistake on their tax return. At Williams Accounting & Consulting, our tax preparation specialists provide detailed-driven services to clients. Among other things, we can do the following for you or your business during tax season: 

  • Help you gather and organize relevant financial records; 
  • Prepare your federal and state tax returns; 
  • Submit a request for an extension, if you need more time to file. 

Tax season can be stressful. Our Atlanta and New Orleans tax preparation specialists can relieve you of the burden. With deep experience helping professionals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations navigate tax issues, we will make sure that your tax returns are prepared property. 

Contact Our Tax Preparation Specialists Today

At Williams Accounting & Consulting, our tax preparation specialists have the skills, knowledge, experience, and diligence that you or your business can rely on. If you need help during tax season, we are here as a resource. Call us at 770-964-4100 or contact us online to arrange your strictly confidential appointment with a tax preparation specialist. From our offices in Atlanta and New Orleans, we provide tax services to business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Southeast. 

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