Tax Resolution Specialists

At Williams Accounting & Consulting, our Atlanta & New Orleans tax resolution specialists provide personalized, solutions-driven representation to our clients. If you or your company is currently dealing with a tax issue, we are here to help you resolve the matter in the most financially advantageous manner. You may even be eligible to settle your outstanding tax liability for less. To arrange your confidential consultation with a tax resolution specialist, please contact us today. 

Our Tax Resolution Specialists Handle All Types of Tax Issues

A dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Georgia Department of Revenue, Louisiana Department Of Revenue or any other tax authority is the last thing that any person or business wants to deal with. Receiving a notice of past due taxes—or a notice of another problem—from the IRS is stressful and confusing. The IRS and state tax authorities have strong legal powers to take action to collect on delinquent tax liability. A tax resolution specialty is an area of practice devoted to helping people and businesses solve tax problems, including: 

  • Guidance and support in tax audits; 
  • Dealing with failure to file previous tax returns; 
  • Navigating tax levies and tax liens; 
  • Handling notice of overdue taxes; 
  • Working out a payment plan with the IRS: and
  • Negotiating a tax settlement with the IRS. 

It is important to emphasize that the IRS and state/local tax agencies do not go away on their own. If you run into any issues regarding taxes, it is essential that you take a proactive approach. The sooner you consult with a true tax resolution specialist, the better position that you or your business will be in finally solving the problem. In many circumstances, there are options available to resolve outstanding tax debt for less. 

Why Rely On the Tax Resolution Team at Williams Accounting & Consulting

With a deep knowledge of the tax code and extensive experience helping individual professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses address outstanding problems, we have a specialty in resolution. Our founder and CEO Donald E. Williams has personally helped many clients find the best possible solution to tax issues. Among other things, our tax resolution specialists are prepared to: 

  • Listen to your story and answer your questions about the tax resolution process;
  • Gather and review any notices that you have received from the IRS or a state tax agency; 
  • Investigate your tax situation—gathering and organizing relevant financial information; 
  • Handle correspondence with the IRS and represent you tax settlement negotiations; and
  • Devise a strategy focused on helping you or your best find the best financial solution. 

Contact Our Tax Resolution Specialists Today

At Williams Accounting & Consulting, our tax resolution specialists are focused on helping clients work out any issues that they have with the IRS or a state or local taxing authority. If you or your business allegedly owes back taxes or otherwise has a tax problem, we can help. Call us at 770-964-4100 or contact us online today to book a confidential appointment. With offices in Atlanta and New Orleans, we provide tax resolution services throughout the Southeastern United states.

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